Friday, July 11, 2008


After a long time of sitting around waiting for people we thought were coming to get us… we finally decided to head to the coffee shop for internet. Of course, as soon as we got close to the coffee shop, Ray came to pick us up. He took us to a coffee shop in the French Quarter, which is where I posted the last couple of entries from. Then we hit up a Super Walmart. (I know, it is evil and not very New Orleans… but we needed somethings. Don’t hate me!) I forgot my camera battery charger and spare battery at home, so I knew I needed to find a solution. Unfortunately, the only solution I could come up with was to buy my camera over again to use the charger for the week. Next week, I’ll return the camera and get my money back. Smart thinking, I know!

After that we went back to the French Quarter and met up with the rest of our group. We wandered around the French Quarter, had hurricanes from Pat O’Briens, visited the voodoo store, and found an amazing photographer’s gallery. Then we found some fantastic Zydeco music. I danced my little heart out! This is exactly what I have dreamt about for so long!

After that we met up with Ray and the new Katrina Corps volunteer, Alli. We headed to have some dinner and I had a fabulous Po Boy. Yummy! After that it was time for orientation. We moved outside, close to the banks of the Mississippi. A few of us had $3 daquiris, so that made the orientation go a bit faster… Of course it was good information Ray was giving us, so we wanted to pay attention, but the New Orleans way is to do everything with a drink in your hand!

It was an early night and we headed back to home base after orientation. Tomorrow is our first work day after all!

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